Tahitian Gardenia and Habranthus Brachyandrus

Today i will share with you two plant which are flowering crazy in this extreme summer heat of more than continuous 100F.  These are Tahitian Gardenia and Habranthus Brachyandrus. Lets talk about Habranthus Brachyandrus first.

Habranthus Brachyandrus is a rare Habranthus. It is not easily available. It is one of the largest flowers in Habranthus. It looks stunning in clumps as you can see blow. The picture below i took at a friend’s rooftop garden in Lahore. One of the most beautiful Habranthus indeed.

habranthus brachyandrus

Some flowers tend to form double petals which is not common in Habranthus or at least i have not seen it yet. Like all Habranthus, it grows best where winters are not cold and summers are hot. Here is a closeup of a double petal flower.
hebranthus brachyandrus double petal
One important thing about seeds of hebranthus brachyandrus. Its seeds must be planted immediately after collecting from pod. If you let it dry then it will not germinate. It is also propagated by division.

Talking of heat tolerant plants, gardenia is expected. Of many gardenia varieties i am growing, the one still blooming since April is Gardenia Tietensis Heaven scent. Tahitian Gardenia is famous of its tolerance for alkaline soil and less moist soil. There are two common varieties, one is single petal while other is heaven scent the one with semi double or double flowers. In very hot summers, it sometimes produce single petal flowers. It is quite fragrant and i have not seen any insects or diseases on Tahitian Gardenia. This picture is from my home garden where i am growing it in a large plastic pot for last 1 year. It gets morning sun only and no afternoon sun. It is easily available in nurseries now. You should get one, it is tough plant. Gardenias like acidic and moist soil. They also like humidity. I will have a future post exclusively for gardenias and magnolias in hot climates. Wait for that.

gardenia tietensis

gardenia tietensis

Also check my previous post on other varieties of hebranthus and gardenias. Here it is Habranthus Robustus and Gardenia Florida



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  1. That Habranthus is amazing! I am still just trying Zephyranthes grandiflora to bloom, but I suspect it is not getting enough heat on my balcony.

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