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Free tomato seeds give away

I am glad to announce this tomato seeds give away on my blog. Sherilou is a generous gardener from New south mexico, USA. And i received freshly harvested heirloom tomato seeds from the mountains of Zuni courtesy to Sherilou. I also got some other cultivars of tomato which are extra. So Any one who is interested in these seeds, just reply in this thread and send me your address at muhammad dot khabbab at gmail dot com and i will send the seeds. I will send seeds wrapped in bubble wrap to those who are overseas. For overseas gardeners, i will send through airmail but may not be able to send first class.

Remember, maximum 2 packets per person. And one packet of seeds will contain around 10 seeds. This offer is only for amateur gardeners !!!!. I will add more tomato seeds in coming few days.

Porter dark cherry tomato – from sherilou
These are some tough heirloom tomatoes. Very heat tolerant. Indeterminate type.
Packet 1 – M. Subzwari, Karachi  – SENT
Packet 2 – Jahanzaib, Islamabad – SENT
Packet 3-  F, Irum. Rawalpindi – SENT
Packet 4 – S, Shahid Karachi – SENT
Packet 5 – Waqas, Lahore – SENT
Packet 6 –  
Packet 7 –  
Packet 8 – 
Packet 9 –     
Packet 10 –         
Packet 11 – 
Packet 12 –  
Packet 13-  
Packet 14 –  
Packet 15 – 

Tomato pole beefsteak
Packet 1 – M. Subzwari, Karachi  – SENT
Packet 2 – S, Anis, Karachi – SENT
Packet 3-

Tomato hillbilly
Packet 1 –
Packet 2 –

Tomato golden jubilee
Packet 1 – S, Anis, Karachi – SENT
Packet 2 –  
Packet 3-  
Packet 4 –  
Packet 5 – 

Tomato rio grande
Packet 1 – 
Packet 2 –  
Packet 3-  
Packet 4 –  
Packet 5 –





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18 Responses

  1. wow, i’d love some here in Australia!

  2. punchito says:

    yummy tomato’s ! would love some !

  3. waqas says:

    ! would like to have them.

    my address:

    Waqas Aslam
    443- karim Block Allama
    iqbal town Lahore

  4. Emily says:

    I have never grown tomatoes from seed, but would love to try!!

  5. waseem says:

    i would luv to grow some. i am very glad i found ur site i am also from Lahore and just found out my love for gardening. Hope to see u in person and get some good advice.

  6. waseem says:

    My address is APNA CNG 23 Cooper Road Lahore.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Amateur gardening here. Just move back to Lahore – can you advise me about the excessive heating drying up my poor tomato and pepper plants.

    I have no space so experimenting with growing in clay pots – had success in US – but mixed results in Lahore.

    Also would love some new seeds to try – although it may be late in the season to plant ?


  8. Kamran says:

    Found your blog a month ago and then the gardeningpakistan.com site. Amazing stuff. I’d like to request for a packet of porter dark cherry tomato and one of pole beefsteak. My address is

    H. 417, st 96, Sector G-9/4, Islamabad.


  9. salam khabbab bahi,

    I know nothing of gardening but i want to grow tomatoes, chillies and some vegitables that are available most of the season.
    I in islamabad.

    my address is homse 1088, street 95, I-10/1 islamabad.

    If its too late than let me know.

    Najam Sikander Awan

  10. Ayaz Aziz says:

    Kindly send me a packet of Porter dark cherry tomatoes. My address is,
    SD 248
    Malir Cantt

    Thanx & Regards

  11. Dr. Ahsan says:

    I appreciate your efforts to help the new gardeners. Best wishes.

  12. Ahmed Ali says:

    Can i still get free seeds.?
    Im living in karachi pakistan

  13. Talha Bin Mujahid says:

    A.S Brother,
    I am amateur in gardening and I want to grow tomatoes in my backyard. So can you please send me some indeterminate tomatoes seeds.
    P.O.F. Havelian Cantt,
    I appreciate your effort and kindness. Thanks

  14. Arslaan Ikram says:


    Could you please be so generous to send me 2 packs of seeds at my address in Lahore? Will be so oblige.

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