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Butterflies of Lahore – Denaid Eggfly Butterfly

This is second post in the series of “Butterflies of Lahore” I am covering and it is Butterflies of Lahore – Denaid Eggfly Butterfly. Denaid Eggfly Butterfly with technical name Hypolimnas misippus is not a very common butterfly but not rare either. It is mostly found in gardens and you will not frequently see it in the streets. It is present in lahore almost whole summer. Here is the back view of the butterfly.
Denaid Eggfly Butterfly

It is mostly found on ground covers in my experience but i also captured it many times on mums. Very fast mover and not easy to capture but once it stays, it stays for a while and this is the time to capture its beauty. And the side view is much different and more beautiful as well.
Hypolimnas misippus

These shots were taken in Lawrence gardens lahore in summer of 2011. I could not find this butterfly in any other garden. The side view does imitate plain tiger butterfly though.





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3 Responses

  1. Zara says:

    Never seen this specie before, how interesting!
    You have a wonderful blog with lots of beautiful photos and useful information! Keep it up!
    Kind regards,

  2. Marie-Jeanne says:

    Great pictures! I love butterflies, such amazing creatures.

  3. Marie-Jeanne says:

    Great pictures! I love butterflies, such amazing creatures.
    Congrats for your blog.

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