List of plant nurseries of lahore

This article is last revisited on March 20, 2017.

Being a garden enthusiast, i would like to share with you List of plant nurseries of lahore. Find below their contact numbers as well. These are without any sorting or rank. Note that any opinion below about these nurseries is my personal and you might have a different experience.

Gulberg Kalma Chowk Center Point Nurseries:

      • Lahore Nursery Haji Latif:0321-4410524 Saleem Noor:03234397743 They are little expensive but get loads of imported stuff. Good variety of tissue culture gerbera, carnation and other stuff. If you are unable to find a plant, try them.
      • Siraj ud din nursery They have less variety as compared to Lahore nursery but they also get imported stuff off and on.
      • Nishat Nursery Muhammad Muzamil 5833535
      • Mian Ishaq Nursery Mian Muhammad Ishaq 0300-8464424 They got a branch at mall road as well but real stuff is at kalma chowk branch.
      • Haq Nursery Mr. Anwar Sb 042-35869095 Their prices are a bit lower than others maybe because they are at the corner.

Model Town E block Nurseries:

          • Abbas Nursery 042-35863277 Muhayuddin Sb. 0333-4222731 This is also a top nursery of lahore. They get a lot of imported stuff. Expensive plants. They get many rare items off an on. They got a farm in gehlan patoki as well.
          • Fitted Garden Nursery Mian Tanveer: 0300-8483341 They got lots of imported stuff specially from thailand tropical plants and less expensive as well. Good deals. They get rare stuff off and on.
          • Wahab Nursery 0344-4287867 They also get imported stuff off and on but expensive. It is the nursery on the corner.
          • New Pak NurseryMr. Fahim 0333-4232616
          • Arain Nursery Ch. Akbar 0300-4134614
          • Rich Green Nursery Habib Ullah Khan 0321-4348269\
          • Plants and Flowers 0312-4304596 They also get some imported and rare stuff sometimes. I bought some dwarf chrysanthemum from them.

Other Plant Nurseries of Lahore:

          • 1 Hassan Nursery, Qazzafi Stadium Lhr Mr. Ashfaq 5764446 0300-4309634 Shifted to near Jinnah Hospital
          • GEO Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Ali Raza 0300-9485713
          • A-One Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Javed
          • Malik Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Slaeem
          • Pattoki Nizami Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr. Mudassar 0300-4331247
          • Shakeel Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr. Jalil Ahsan 0300-4536733
          • Golrha Sharif Nursery, Lala Zar Mr. Shoaib 0300-9434009
          • Data Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr.Rai Maqsood Ahmad 0300-8856532
          • Brother Nursery, Lala Zar Mr. Aslam 0300-4331352
          • Al-Riaz Nursery Township, Lhr Ali Sb 0333-6982275
          • Haji Chirag Din Nursery, Walton Rd, Lhr M. Amin 0321-4076021
          • Karmanwala Nursery, Walton Rd, Lhr Mr. Nazir Ahmad 0300-4132162
          • Amjad Nursery, Qazzafi Stadium, Lhr Rehman Naeem 0300-4716445
          • Ghulam Nabi Nursery, Gazzafi Stadium, Lhr Ghulam Nabi 5764233, 0300-4297756
          • Akram Nursery, Qaddafi Stadium, Lhr Ch. M. Akram 0300-4253571
          • Rahat Nursery, Walton Road, Lhr Mian Khlid Noor 0300-4646676
          • Shaheen Nursery, Hakim Chowk Lhr Ch. Asghar 0300 5544428
          • GEO Nursery, Wapda Town, Lhr Mr. Abbass 0321 4243340
          • Plants&flowers nursery e park askari 10 lahore cantt 03470450025
          • Plantspk Adnan Sardar Nursery On Main multan road near EME society. 0324-4959157 Mostly imported stuff and expensive plants.
          • Sami Nursery RA bazar Lahore. Mr. Abbas: 0321-8837047 They got yellow brugmansia and i also saw a grafted cassia as well. I think they also good the 2 kg lemon plant as well.
          • Mehek Gardens Mr Rahid 0321-5296666 Phase 6, Main Boulevard Defence, Near LSE, Lahore
          • Faizan Nursery Farms Their website and facebook site claims lots of good plants but when i visited the nursery, they sales person knew nothing.
          • Golden Nursery, Shalimar Link Rd, Lhr Mr. Ata Muhammad 6846058
          • Islam Nursery Wapda Town, Lhr Sarfraz sb 0300-4575913
          • Arain Brothers, Wapda Town, Lhr Mian Tariq 0300-4012210
          • Zain Nursery, Wapda Town, Lhr Zahid Moeen 0300-4307987
          • Ahmad Garden & Cut Flower, Zafar Ali Rd, Lhr Mian Javed Ahmad 0333-4221574
          • Plant Age Nursery, Cantt Lahore Muhammad Ali 0300-9492197

Plant Nurseries of other cities: I have got other posts on plant nurseries of Karachi and also on Islamabad and also on Patoki. Below are miscellaneous nurseries from other cities.

            • Al-Imran Nursery, Pattoki Mr. Shaukat 0300-4253626
            • Zulfiqar Nursery, Civil Hospital DHQ Faislabad. Aslam sb. 0333-6517335
            • Mian Flower Land, Faislabad Abdul Manan 0300-7637667
            • Lyall pur Gardens, Faisalabad 0320-5453564
            • Evergreen Nursery, Faisalabad Muhammad Tahir 0300-6636815
            • Khizra Nursery Haripur Mr waleed: 0302-8952557 They got pink brugmansia i once bought.
            • Awan Nursery Haripur
            • Pattoki Nursery Farm, Peshawar Morr Islamabad Liaquat Sb. 0300-9546261
            • Mardan Nursery, Islamabad Hasham Khan 0300-5012568

Fruit plant nurseries in Lahore:

Note: If you find a nursery not listed on this page then contact me and i will add it in the list.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if you can grow any of the beautiful flowering gingers that we grow so sucessfully in Cairns, AUS, in Lahore? e.g. pink torch (various shades), perfumed white, beehive etc.

  2. Ali says:

    Can anybody give me information about Indian Dahlia stockists in Lahore or Islamabad??? wide range of varieties…

  3. Aoa
    Pl let me know do u have elephant creepers leaves number is 03008457007

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