Winter growing vegetables

Sowing of winter growing vegetables in mild winter climates start from September and October while fruiting goes till February and March. Find below the calender for winter vegetables. Note that this calender is not for northern areas, only southern plains. Some of the commonly sown vegetables in winter include Broccoli,Potato, Onion, Lettuce leaf, Cauliflower, Turnip, Peas, Spinach, Carrot, Beets, Mustard, Coriander, Radish and mint etc. You can also sow tomato in winter if there temperatures do not go very low. You may have to place the plastic sheets over seedlings of winter vegetables at night specially in those areas where winters are cold like Islamabad, Peshawar etc.





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  1. Nabeel Ameen says:

    Assalam Aliekum
    Good post. It would be nice if you made a similar post for the northern areas. Especially for Murree would be great! 🙂
    Also, I could not understand what the 5th column means.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ali Hassan says:

    A good try to educate people for kitchen garden

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