Best of Pattoki plant nurseries

Patoki is asia’s largest plants market. You will see miles and miles of just plant nurseries. The exact area where these plant nurseries are located is called “Gehlan phattak”. I went to pattoki few times and found following nurseries the best in terms of flowering plants specially vines/climbers. Although you will find tons of nurseries but these have got the maximum variety of flowering plants as to my experience. Please note that this extinction does not apply to foliage plants – only flowering plants. So here goes the best of pattoki plant nurseries:

Changa Nursery 1- General flowers Mr Tariq 03004580763 – They had got huge variety of climbers, shrubs, bulbs etc.

Changa Nursery 2 – Rose nursery Haji Ibrahim 03009437880 – This is the best rose nursery probably in whole pakistan. Mr Ibrahim is a breeder himself and has a huge collection of david austin, meiland, Kordes, Tantau, Delbard etc.

Madina Nursery – Mr Ghulam Mustafa 03008483501 – They have got one of the best plant nurseries over there. Various varieties of shrubs, Cassias, tangerines, climbers and other plant varieties. A little expensive though.

Rehman Nursery – Waqar Rehman – 03454743518 – They are specialist of Palm varieties. They also have got some good variety of flowering plants.

Thekedar rose nursery Mr. Shahid: 03008834177  This is a nursery specialized in roses and you will find lots of rose variety.Their facebook page is





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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. I agree with this that pattoki plant nurseries is one of the best nursery..It have maximum variety of plants & flowers..

  3. sheikh mohammad says:

    Do these nurseries provide land swapping serviced?

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