Allamanda, brugmansia, plumbago flowering

Here goes some images for Garden Blogger Bloom Day.

White hibiscus, not in my garden, but the shot taken at road side near my home.
white hibiscus lahore

Plumbago in my garden. Growing in 12 inches clay pot.Plumbago auriculata Cape Leadwort Skyflower

First ever brugmansia flower in my garden
brugmansia fragrant flower angel trumpet

Blooming only in 10 inches pot while its neighbour in 16 inches pot is yet to bloom And fragrance is just awesome.
brugmansia pot plant inverted flower

Gmelina philippensis, parrot’s beak, ching chai is native to Philippine, Malaysia, India and pakistan. Not growing in my garden but at a roadside near canal bank. Gmelina philippensis parrot beak

I tried so hard to capture this little butterfly still but it was not resting at all. so i had to take a moving pic and i am not at all good at that.
butterfly on flowers lahore

Another shot. Really pretty butterfly but picture is blur because i am no expert in handling shutter speed and exposure.
butterfly urban area lahore

Another butterfly having a morning walk around this tangerine bush.
butterfly on tangerine flower

butterfly on lemon tree

butterfly on citrus flower

Resting on my allamanda vine
butterfly on allamanda golden trumpet

Dragon fly shot in the evening. It was pretty hard picture to take.dragonfly lahore





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21 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    Nice shot of the butterfly ha ha… I like the plumbago flower too 🙂

  2. Green thumb says:

    The blooms are amazing. I see, besides your house your roadside appears rich in blooms too.
    I do not think that even the fairly seasoned photographers can hope to capture a moving butterfly sharply enough. Anyway your perseverance seems to have paid off as the last sitting shot of the butterfly is lovely.

  3. Amy says:

    I love the butterfly! I have a cutting from a brugmansia that I am propogating. The bloom is very pretty.

  4. Rosey Pollen says:

    I love these tropical blooms!
    Yes, dragonflies, butterflies and birds, they never hold still for me either. Yours looked great!

  5. Valeri says:

    Lovely pictures. I especially like the picture of the dragonfly. As you say they arn’t easy to photograph! Val

  6. mania says:

    Beautiful pictures. Its good to see a nice decent gardening blog from Pakistan. Always keep up the good work.

  7. What gorgeous butterflies — just seeing them made me smile. 🙂

    And that brugmansia flower is stunning!

  8. Mary Delle says:

    Your efforts at trying the capture the butterflies are much better than mine. I’m still working on it. Your blooms are nicely displayed.

  9. Lovely blooms. At times, plants at the roadside and at river banks grow so well and make us wonder…., would they love to be left on their own. Hmm…. ~bangchik

  10. VW says:

    Fun to see your pics of plumbago. I miss this plant from when we lived in California; I’d have to grow it like an annual here in cold Spokane.

  11. Nice beautiful butterflies visit your garden – lovely

  12. sweet bay says:

    Lovely white hibiscus. Beautiful shot of the Plumbago too. I wish I could smell the fragrance of the Brugsnania, it looks lovely.

  13. Joseph says:

    these are some fantastic blooms, but the associated wildlife is amazing! you’ve inspired me – i’ll be picking up some cooler weather flowers this weekend to benefit and attract some of these wonderful insects and birds.

  14. Scott & Liz says:

    Great images. The Parrot’s Beak is a new plant to me. Nice.

  15. Nell Jean says:

    Such beautiful flowers in containers! Your butterflies are too busy to sit still for photos. Sometimes they’re slower late in the day when it is cooler, I’ve found. Your butterflies are different to what we see here, all are beautiful.

    Tank you for your kind words on my blog.

  16. Linda says:

    So difficult to take shots of butterflies, but at last you succeeded! Like you, I’m not expert in exposures and so on. It can be quite frustrating.
    I’m trying to imagine the beautiful perfumes from your flowers. I think my favourite shot is the plumbago. Such delicate blooms.

  17. Yan says:

    Beautiful dragonfly and are those the plumbago in the background? Lovely colour.

  18. Wendy says:

    I love all the beautiful tropicals that seem to grow here and there in your country!

  19. Autumn Belle says:

    The white hibiscus is a real beauty. You seem to be catching butterflies lately and successful at it too. Its a pretty catch. You got another bonus, i.e. the dragonfly. This dragonfly seems to be catching its prey, a bug?

  20. Carol says:

    I love the ethereal magical quality of the flying butterfly… and the soft focus of the dragonfly with the lovely blue flower mirroring the blue in the dragonfly is exquisite…. is the dragonfly picking up a beetle? or maybe that is a spent bud. You have many lovely blooms today! Carol

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