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Canna,chandni, plumeria, lanatan and crinum in flower

It is still summer here and late summer blossoms are burst into bloom. October is harbinger of fall planting but still heat is not allowing to sow winter seeds. We are waiting for just one rain to subside the heat wave, Still no clouds. Lets us have a look at some flowers nature presents to us.

Crinum lily is a perennial here and a typical late summer bloomer. It is propagated by bulbs and they are buried till neck in the soil. Foliage is evergreen. It is slightly fragrant. It is known by its common name Milk and Wine lily.
pink crinum lily blooming in lahore

White crinum is not common as compared to the pink one. I shot it at a roadside near my home.
white crinum lily milk and wine lily

Tabernaemontana with local name “Chandni” is also a beautiful perennial grown not only as house plant but growing wild in many areas. Unfortunately it is not fragrant. But i have heard there are some fragrant ones, not yet i have come across.
chandni cape jasmine Tabernaemontana divaricata

What a beautiful planter with vinca flowers. This is also planted outside a home not far away where i live.
planter flower

Pink plumeria, locally called “Champa”. Another local name is “Gul-e-Cheen”. It is a fragrant bush/tree. Easily grown in pots. It does not tolerate frosts. I am growing it in a 12 inches clay pot and it does not hesitate blooming in 90F heat. A typical tropical plant. In june, i forgot to protect it from midday sun and got some of its leaves burnt. It comes in another color, white with yellow center. A must for a fragrant garden. Needs lots of water and fertilizer.
plumeria gul-e-cheen

Wild sunflower. Lahore is full of these self sowing sunflowers. They need full sun to bloom. It is not cultivated as house plant. Drought tolerant as well. Another species “teddy bear” is grown as summer annual, which is dwarf one and grown as house plant.
wild sunflower lahore

Lantana camara is another tough perennial which blooms almost whole year except in winter months. Needs lots of root space, grows wild as well as house plant. Another species Lantana montevidensis (trailing lantana)
which is not very common is very attractive to butterflies and ideal for hanging baskets, bears blue flowers.
lantana camara

Hollyhock. Locally called “Gul-e-Khaira”. Now i am surprised seeing this one blooming in full sun in summer. I always though it to be a spring annual. Well it is perennial in our climate, if protected from midday sun in summer and good drainage is provided in monsoon rains. We have yet to see the double variety here but this year we are hopeful the double variety will be available commercially. I have been gifted some seeds of double Apple Blossom from a fellow gardener in UK. Will try as soon as weather cools down.
hollyhock single gul-e-khera Alcea rosea

This is interesting. I was hoping i got a natural biological control for these white insects but i was wrong. Being a strict organic gardener, i washed them away with water.
ant insect

Canna, indian shot. This is one of another heat tolerant perennials in lahore. Also grows wild, while some dwarf species, not commons though, are grown in as house plants. I was gifted some mixed seeds of canna dominic republic and they have sprouted. Yet to see the blooms.
canna indian shot in lahore

canna indica lily indian shot

Now i do not grow much veggies but i could not resist shooting this squash in the courtyard of my in laws. I have also given them seeds of lettuce iceberg this year. hope will grow good as well.

This is some wild flower growing in our country side. Lovely blooms. Blooms whole summer.
wild flower in lahore ipomoea





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22 Responses

  1. Green thumb says:

    Interesting shots of the flowers.
    There is something very definitely wrong with the weather. We are also reeling under an extended spell of heat and humidity. It simply doesn’t feel like autumn anymore.

  2. Lovely flower shots! Yes, the weather does seem strange – here in UK it is really autumnal, but when I was in the US last week, it was so hot and humid that it was hard to do anything – seems that the seasons are confused.

  3. Weather! I need a sunhat to hang out the washing, and last week 3 hikers died of exposure in an unexpected hailstorm near Oudtshoorn.

  4. Rosey Pollen says:

    Very much enjoyed these flowers and the stray veggie. I love the hollyhock, even if it isn’t a double.

  5. Looking at Champa flower really rekindle my childhood days. We cut and folded piece of paper to play windmills…… almost like champa flower.

  6. Hi Khabbab~~ Ooh, I love the pink hollyhock. I sure wish I could grow Plumeria. The fragrance is to die for. Looks like an ant and a mealy bug. A Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and wiped on the little critters is supposed to put an end to them. … Love the red canna too.

  7. Hampers says:

    You seems to be an ardent lover of flower that one can judge by going through your blog. All the picture of flowers are stunning.

  8. azplantlady says:

    Hello. I recognize some of your plants; Vinca, Cannas, Lantana, Hollyhock, Sunflowers, Plumeria, which we grow here.

    But the other plants I am not as familiar with. They are very beautiful.

  9. jalalHB says:

    Beautiful flowers – I love my garden full of flowers the year around.

    (you may see my shots of my garden at:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/jalalspages/sets/72157600040772237/ )

  10. Mary Delle says:

    Lots of flowers still blooming, despite the heat. I haven’t gone on a walk here to see how many we have left. But your shots are really nice.

  11. You’ve got some very beautiful flowers there! I love the lilies!

  12. Urban Green says:

    Nice pictures. Lilies are beautiful, loved the white ones. Above all, plumeria is my favorite. I got a crimson red cutting this year. So, am hopeful of flowers sprouting next year.

  13. Wendy says:

    I love that the crinum lily is a perennial where you are. I love a gorgeous flower with evergreen foliage.

    The squash looks like a luffa gourd, as least from what I remember.

    That wild flower that blooms all summer is very pretty – I love the shape of the flower and delicate looking petals.

  14. Nice canna lily – get to see them bloom. Beautiful.

  15. Jan says:

    I have had crinums only a few years, but I just love them in the garden. I planted two white ones in 2008, and one bloomed for the first time this year. I can’t wait for more blooms.

    Always Growing

  16. Autumn Belle says:

    Your garden is filled with lovely blooms at the moment. I love the plumeria and I’m looking out for one to plant now. I like its fragrance. Previously I have mistaken an adenium for a plumeria! You have wild sowing sunflowers??? That’s great!

  17. Amy says:

    Beautiful photos! I love that white vinca. White blooms seem to be on my “favorites” list.

  18. Frances says:

    Hi Muhammad, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful summer tropicals. The Crinums are particularly fine and all are lovely. 🙂

  19. Nell Jean says:

    Wonderful presentation. One thing about the weather, nothing is forever.

    Crinums are common here. I have two different whites, uncommon as you mentioned. They die to the ground in cold weather here but return reliably for decades.

    Chandni and Plumeria would only grow here in a greenhouse, the others are known to me.

    Grace is right on about the alcohol for mealybug. Diligence is required. They have a waxy coating and plain water will just make them jump away, only to return. Alcohol will dissolve the little white cottony nests where the larvae hide, too.

  20. nancybond says:

    All your flowers are wonderful, but lantana is one of my very favourites. I love the vibrant colour combinations. 🙂

  21. Delwyn says:

    Hi Muhammad

    I see many of the flowers that you have posted are ones that thrive here in Queensland too, but I am a little confused…where are you posting from…

    Happy days

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