Murraya Magic

Murraya exotica is my favorite shrub. Its powerful fragrance fills the air and makes you enchanted with it. Growing in a large clay pot, its strongly perfumed flowers attract lots of bees and butterflies. Strangely, with the change of season, butterflies have also changed. I think previous ones just migrated to some more warm region. And the ones coming here are more cold tolerant. Here are some of the pics i captured of this pretty shrub and do i need to tell you that the fragrance made me not to move away for a long, pretty long time actually.

marva murraya paniculata orange jasmine

butterfly moth on murraya exotica marwa
common lime butterfly on murraya marva lahore
common lime butterfly nectar flower murraya paniculata

butterfly on murraya paniculata exotica marva
flower of murraya attracting a butterfly
murraya exotica attracting a butterfly
butterfly like marva flower
butterfly marva flower in pot

murraya paniculata attracts butterflies
bee on murraya flower
macro of bee nectar murraya flower
murraya flower attracts bees





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22 Responses

  1. Blossom says:

    Nice photos. I think my mom has a similar plant in her garden. I still remember the strong sweet smell of the tiny white blooms.

  2. Sue Swift says:

    I wouldn’t have thought that was a butterfly – ?? Do you know exactly what it is?

  3. sweet bay says:

    Obviously the insects love the flowers! I wish I could smell the fragrance too.

  4. Rosey Pollen says:

    Lovely shrub…good shots of the bees too. I wish I could smell it.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Magic indeed, Muhammad! Marvelous to get such lovely fragrance and enjoy the garden visitors flocking in too! And, to capture them is another treat altogether! Is Murraya paniculata a close relative of your plant? I was introduced to it a couple of months ago and it has a strong fragrance too. Your butterfly looks quite similar to Lerema accius (Clouded Skipper), one that visits our garden quite regularly…is it the same?

  6. Hi~~ It looks like a cross between a Star Jasmine and a Choysia ternata. Probably not hardy in my neck of the woods. Too bad. I love fragrant flowers. It looks like the bees do too. I desperately need [want] a heated greenhouse.

  7. Scott & Liz says:

    Orange Jasmine, the common name of Murraya around here is one of Liz’s favorite plants. We keep one grown as a standard in a pot on our balcony

  8. Mary Delle says:

    I love bushes like that. The smell fills the garden and brings a rare treat to the senses. Nice photos of your favorite.

  9. azplantlady says:


    The bloom looks a little like a citrus flower. I love fragrant plants, especially those that attract butterflies. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Green thumb says:

    I can literally ‘feel’ your post as I have a Murraya plant growing in my garden and I too am a willing victim of its aromatic magic.

  11. Those white flowers just look like they would smell good. I agree with Grace that it reminds me a lot of Choysia.

  12. Autumn Belle says:

    This plant has a nice name, beautiful flowers of pure white that smells good. What more can we ask for? Wow!

  13. Love your flowers, I understand what you mean of not moving away..
    its simply amazing a fragrant isn’t it?

  14. Hortist says:

    Rally nice pics of such a nice fragrant plant 🙂

  15. Wendy says:

    What a nice flower and beautiful foliage too! I love the perfect shape of those flowers. Wish I could catch the fragrance!

  16. Jan says:

    What a lovely plant for a balcony. I love white flowers and having a wonderful aroma is a plus.

    Always Growing

  17. Sunita says:

    Your Murraya seems to be very popular in the inset-world! I love plants with fragrant flowers. I’ve always felt that the unscented ones are only half as beautiful, no matter how good they look.

  18. Valeri says:

    Lovely pictures and what a large bee like insect in the last few photos. Val

  19. LeSan says:

    Oh what a treat that must be! That scent must make you swoon. I know it would me but I am a such a sucker for great smelling plants. Funny, now I want to linger on this post as if I might actually be able to smell those blossoms too. LOL

  20. Kiki says:

    What a gorgeous plant..and wow..those bees..huge! Lovely post as always.

  21. J.C. says:

    My murraya plant is also producing lotsa blooms now and the fragrance makes my garden smells so nice. I love going nearby the plant and enjoy the sweet scent.

  22. luminair says:

    I live in a block of units surrounded by these shrubs an some fully grown Murraya trees. They are flowering abundantly now and the smell is overwhelming and repugnant because it’s just too much; and living in a bit of a gully between other houses and units, the smell doesn’t get moved around or blown away easily. Murrayas are ok if they’re trimmed and looked after properly but to just let them go wild is irresponsible, especially to one’s neighbours. One should research one’s plants carefully before buying and planting to make sure they aren’t allergenic like Murraya obviously are.

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