Garden geek nominated in National Blog Awards

It is a pleasure for my blog Garden Geek be be nominated for category of “Best Photo Blog” in Pakistan’s First National Blog awards. Although my blog is not specifically a photo blog, there was no category related to gardening or environment so i went for nearest category that is best photo blog. I did ask the organizers of Google Pakistan and CIO pakistan to have a category for gardening and environment but no avail yet. Probably they know mine would be the only blog in the category 😛

When i competed for Blotanical awards 2009 for Best Container gardening blog i was not even sure i would be in top five but thanks to your support, i was number 5. I hope my blog will be among best chosen in photo blog category in my country’s national blog awards.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS!! 3 Steps Only:

1. Click the Blogger Awards banner below
2. Rate my blog by clicking the number of stars for the voting (5 Stars means the highest, 1 Star is the Lowest)
3. Write a small comment on the same page where you will rate us about Garden Geek. Even a word should be more than enough! =)

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21 Responses

  1. Edith Hope says:

    Dear Muhammed, I have just voted for your entry, filled in all the details as instructed, but when it came to posting the comment there was no spam word to copy. I have tried several times and will return later in the hope that it will be working.

    Good luck with your entry.

  2. ibrahim says:

    Congratulations on your nominee… really a great blog!

  3. tina says:

    Congrats to you for even being nominated. Off to post my vote now!

  4. Noelle says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! Your blog is extremely informative along with beautiful photos.

  5. ARUNA says:

    Congratulations!!! U have a nice blog.

  6. Rose says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I’m not sure I’ve ever visited here before, but looking at your gorgeous photos on the last two posts, you certainly deserve this award! Beautiful dahlias, but the bees and the butterflies are my favorite. I’ve cast my vote for you!

  7. Sujata says:

    Congartulations Muhammed! gave you the five stars you deserve!

  8. Yan says:

    Hallo Muhammed, I followed your link from my blog, thanks for visiting. What beautiful dahlias, and you do them full justice with your photos so you will be getting my vote. I’ll keep my figners crossed for you.

  9. leavesnbloom says:

    Hope you win! I rated it but I could not get the comments section to open up to leave a comment. You have a great blog full of loads of inspiration, plants I’ve never seen before and beautiful photos.

  10. Melody says:

    This is my first visit to your blog – I was so impressed with your first page, I read thru the archives. Great work and fabulous pictures. My daughter is a photographer, so I know how hard it is to get the perfect shot. Do you have a Flickr page too? You can visit my daughter’s at I will be back because I want to talk to you about some of your plants:)

  11. @Melody – My flickr page is
    You are always welcome.

  12. Camellia says:

    Hi Muhammad, good luck with the awards, and I know now where to get top tips on container growing!

  13. TurboLotte says:

    Hey! Thanks for your comment in my blog. Nice to have visitors from so far away. Outside my widow today there is not much that riminds of garden life. There is at least 1m of snow outside.Brrrrr… but spring is hopfully not so far away.

    Congrats with your nomination. Will vote!

  14. Thanks for letting us know, Muhammad–I’m on my way to vote now;-) Best wishes!

  15. Congratulations! Its truly wonderful to find your lovely blog on gardening and nature, especially to note all the lovely plants that grows in your region.

  16. GardenJoy4Me says:

    MK !! Congratulations and I am on my way to vote as well : ) I hope you are the winner , you certainly deserve to be : ) I’m glad you posted on this so we can help you out !!
    PS Thank you for visiting my blog I appreciate it : )

  17. Barbarapc says:

    So lovely to look at your wonderful flowers instead of our snow. Good luck with the competition!

  18. Christine B. says:

    Best of luck with your country’s blog contest. You must be really excited about it…keep up the good work.

    Christine in Alaska

  19. @Jan – not yet. They will stop voting in march. I am off to a macro monday post right now. thanks for voting.

  20. Hello Muhammad, I’ve just been exploring your lovely blog. The dahlias are delightful and it’s lovely to see the bees visiting them 🙂 The butterflies are beauties too. I’m off to see if my vote will work in the poll!

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