California poppy,primula,painted daisy in my garden

Yeah i am late for Garden blogger’s bloom day but here it is anyway. And yes don’t forget to go to Carol’s May Dream Gardens for other bloom day posts.

I love anemone and this blue one is my all time favorite blooming happily in company of chrysanthemum tricolor. This is my first year growing this tricolor pained daisy and what a wonderful colors they provide.

Don’t you think anemone and iceland poppy are an excellent duo. Here they go:

What about this pink one? looking so lovely but way behind the blue one above.

And this red one? i grew all of them from tubers/corms. Did you miss my early post on how to grow them? here it goes: Growing flowering bulbs in warm climates – anemone coronaria

What a wonderful yellow daisies these are. But these are not blooming in my garden. I shot them at Lawrence garden lahore. I wish i had that mush space!!!!

California poppy are my favorite as they are heat tolerant which is a must property of a bloomer. I have planted lots of them in a large container but they did not bloom all at once instead one by one.

Chrysanthemum tricolor comes in wide range of combinations. I wish if they could survive our hot summers and become perennial but ah this might not be possible with possible 110F in summer:(

Primulas come on various colors. I think this might be primula vulgaris. There is another species of primula with 6 inches height and multiple bracnhes more flowers than his one but small flowers. i grew them in 6 inches plastic pots.
Petunias, okay they are not as heat tolerant as i want them to, but just look at the colors and their elegance.This one growing in a plastic pot on my terrrace.

This one just rocks na? very lovely color. growing in clay pot in my container stand.

 You know what this is? i know this is a blue star petunia but guess what!! i have under planted it in passion flower vine. To utilize more space and to grow lots of flowers in less space, i under planted them in various large containers such as this one. ahh the dilemma of small space gardeners!!!

 I am still trying to assess whether these two are flowers are from same plant or not. mostly two different plants.

 Now this is interesting. Can you guess where on earth is this container placed? Outside my terrace, 15 feet high in air, just on support of some invisible threads from can also see the painted daisy plant along side it in a plastic basket. Ah the inventions of small space gardeners.

 Now this is some unknown flower i have seen very first time. blooming happily in lawrence garden lahore. Any help regarding Id will highly be appreciated. Updated: This is sweet sultan / cornflower.

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10 Responses

  1. So many of your flowers are ones I won’t see until summer, and seeing them makes me ready for warm sunny days.
    The last flower reminds me of my Persian Cornflower, but not sure if it’s exactly the same.

  2. Noelle says:

    Your flowers are all lovely. I do love the California Poppy. I have some growing in my garden right now.

  3. Kyna says:

    I love the California Poppy as well! And seeing those petunias, I now have a craving for their delicious scent wafting through my front window…:D

  4. Stephanie says:

    The tricolours blooms are wonderful! They are so attractive. I have never seen all those blooms here before (except for the petunias). I like your petunias and poppy also. Good job and nice selections. Happy gardening!

  5. Flowers says:

    I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful! Great photoing! Enjoyed your blog very much.

  6. Mars says:

    A visual feast–as always! I would love to have a whole bunch of iceland poppies–such a cool blue-violet hue! 🙂

    In reference to the yellow daisies-I had them blooming in my garden just two years ago:

  7. So many colours to brighten a garden! Lovely tricolour blooms.

  8. FlowerLady says:

    I love all of your blooms. Very colorful, pretty and happy.

    Where are the spiderworts? 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.


  9. @FlowerLday – thanks for commenting/visiting my blog. The spiderworts are on your post “Blooms from this evening” on March 17th. they were looking gorgeous.

  10. ibrahim says:


    all of ur plants looking healthy. I like the Petunias as well as the yellow california poppy pictures.

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