Flowers of PC Bhurban – Delphinium and Roses

This is the third post in the series of hilly area flowers. The first two you can find here and here. If you ever go to murree hills and other gailyat and do not visit the garden of PC Bhurban, you did nothing. One of the most beautiful gardens i ever saw. Very well maintained and well planned. The landscaping is excellent so is the choice of plants. You will find flowering bulbs, shrubs, roses, perennials, annuals etc.

So let me share with you the flowers of PC Bhurban – Delphinium and Roses. When you enter into PC bhruban, the first row of flower bed, that is all delphinium. And what a sight it is. almost every color of delphinium with full glory. And it is not 6 inches delphinium from a hot climate, this is grandiflora which gets tall to its full extent as this cool climate is ideal for its growth. We, the natives of subtropical climate, are content with its warm weather cousin larkspur though. Here comes the delphiniums, you can click on the image for full view:


delphinium elatum

alpine delphinium

If you visit Pearl Continental hotel bhurban chances are you will be seeing one of the best roses display over there. And these are not floribundas or other miniature ones. The giant roses. Bright colors, very large blooms and that too on a single stem.
candle larkspur

The white roses are my personal favorite. Roses love temperate climate. Neither too hot not too cold. This is mid May and weather is very pleasant in bhurban. Roses are enjoying it too. What a delight it is, having a cup of coffee among these beautiful roses, looking at the snowy Himalayas. What a treat.  
rose at bhurban

HT rose

roses in murree

There will be at least two more posts on flowers of PC Bhruban Murree ahead. So keep visiting for more alpine flowers. There will also be one post exclusively on butterflies of Murree and galiyat. So stay tuned and enjoy these blooms.

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10 Responses

  1. Two faves of mine. I have better luck with the Delphiniums, too much disease and insect damage on roses in our climate. My roses are white Iceberg because they are less apt to be affected without having to use fungicide and insecticides.

  2. The delphiniums are really beautiful .Love the colour combo of blue n violet. We hardly get to see them here in N. India, though we do have Larkspurs during late winters, early spring. The roses are gorgeous!

  3. Luna Miranda says:

    i love the delphiniums, what lovely shades of blue and purple. the brown and blue also blend so beautifully together. your roses are amazing.

  4. The delphiniums are stunning and I could almost smell the scent of those beautiful roses!

  5. I love the deep blue delphinium. I’d love to add more to my garden.

  6. easygardener says:

    Lovely pictures. The blue Delphiniums are especially beautiful – I have a weakness for blue flowers!

  7. Denise says:

    This is such a fabulous series of beautiful blooms. Love the variety. thanks for sharing.

  8. Bom says:

    Lovely delphiniums! However, your note about taking in the beauty of the roses and the Himalayas while having coffee bring more impressive visuals to mind. Can the delphiniums not be enjoyed in a similar fashion?

  9. These Delphinium are absolutely gorgeous — the multi colored flowers are amazing. I wish I had the opportunity to visit PC Bhurban but I don’t foresee one coming up, I will have to suffice in viewing your fantastic photos.

    I’ve been successfully cultivating a variety of Orchids for many years now, but I think you now turned me on to Dephiniums and so I might give them a try.

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