Lady jane tulip, ranunculus, Dahlia and Petunia flowering

Spring is at full swing and you almost all the annuals are in bloom now. Let me show you Lady jane tulip, ranunculus, Dahlia and Petunia flowering in my garden.

Tulipa clusiana Lady jane tulip in a container. This is my first warm climate species tulip to bloom for me this spring. I am due to write a post soon on growing tulips in warm climates. Normally you will find hybird tulips most probably darwin hybirds in the nurseries or seeds shops. Remember a good corm size is crucial for tulip flower. In hot climates like mine, artificial chilling is provided by keeping it in fridge for 1-2 months before planting.
tulip cliusiana lady jane tulip

Ranunculus. Remember those grown from seeds have larger flowers. The come in my colors including white, yellow, red, pink, orange and many bicolors as well. Check this post for growing ranunculus from corms instead of seeds
Ranunculus asiaticus buttercup

buttercup flower

Ranunculus corm flower

This dahlia is grown from a cutting. Dahlias are easy to grow from cutting as compared to tuber(flowering wise). This is what we call here indian dahlia.
double dahlia

This is Pakistani dahlia, it is grown from seed, mostly single and semi double flowers.
semi double dahlia in container

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