Flowers of Ivy Gourd, Desert petunia and Firecracker

There are many shrubs and plants which suit very well to the hot climates like lahore but very under rated. Perhaps they are common but the beauty of these common flowers is not given the appreciation which they deserve. Here some the Flowers of Ivy Gourd, Desert petunia and Firecracker.

Take for example an Ivy ground flower. Although not famous as an ornamental plant for its flowers but just take a look at its flower which is as pretty as it goes.
ivy gourd flower

Another plant having unusual blue color and blooming in the high summer heat is desert petunia. Not related to petunia but flower shape is similar to petunia and it is very heat tolerant as well. Botanic name is Ruellia brittoniana
desert petunia Ruellia brittoniana

Another plant and one of the few which flower in summer months of lahore is firecracker flower with botanic name Crossandra infundibuliformis. There are two more colors of this beautiful flower that i know of, yellow and purple.This one is orange and flowers very early of age.
firecracker flower Crossandra infundibuliformis

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  1. Judy says:

    I love the texture of that first flower!! It is so fuzzy!!

  2. I also love the first big white flower. Thanks for sharing.

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