Kitchen gardening – Punjab government project

This is another good initiative by Government of Punjab for the promotion of kitchen gardening in Punjab. The chief minister deserves appreciation for that. Although the free vegetable seeds distributed by Punjab Government were not of very high quality (at least which i sowed) but they are going to right direction.

I am sure many of the gardeners from Punjab will go ahead and start planting the vegetables. Note that Government is not only providing free training to interested persons but also sharing 50% of cost in case of a plastic tunnel for vegetable farming on home scale. Keep it up!!!!

kitchen gardening punjab free seeds

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    I live in Karachi …. how one can get information(or training) about this project here

  2. M.shahid says:

    I think this project is only in papers.Last year an agriculture exhibition was held in Lahore Expo Center in which a stall was established by Punjab Govt For Kitchen Gardening.They were registering the people by name and contact nos.i also registered myself but nobody contacted till today even after one year

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