Habranthus Robustus and Gardenia Florida

Today i will show you two plants flowering in my container garden. Both are very beautiful and native to tropical climate. These are habranthus robustus and gardenia florida.

Habranthus are bulbous plants from Amaryllis family and close relative of Zephyranthes. Habranthus robustus has common names include Brazilian copperlily, Argentine Rain Lily etc. Both Zephyranthes and Habranthus are called rain lilies. These bulbs flower off and on in summer specially after a rain. You can induce flowering by providing a dry period followed by soaking in water, high rain fall. They specially flower in monsoon. Habranthus need more winter protection as compared to Zephyranthes.They are great container plants and multiple quickly. This is my first habranthus and i hope to have many more in coming years. Habranthus is also grown from seeds and flowers after 2nd years if seed grown. Its blooms lasts for many days. Like all Amaryllis family plants it grows very well in warm and hot climates. In cold climates they need to bring indoors for winter protection.
Habranthus robustus

Gardenia florida with synonym Gardenia jasminoides and Gardenia Augusta with common name cape jasmine is a beautiful plant with wonderful fragrance. Gardenias are not easy to flower plants. They need humidity, specific day night temperatures to bloom. In Lahore and similar hot climates, they flower in April-May and then in September-October. They like warm days and cool nights to flower. They also need acidic soil to flourish. There are many cultivars developed for this gardenia species. A variegated type gardenia florida is also common. It is a long blooming plant and flowers turn to yellow when aged. Strong fragrance wafts through the air so plant it where you could enjoy its delicious fragrance. There are many varieties of Gardenia and almost all grow very well in hot climates. You should also see another gardenia florida variety a single petal one, from this post of mine Gardenia Florida Heaven’s Scent. Enjoy the blooms.
Gardenia Florida

Cape Gardenia

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