Pink Tuberose in my Lahore Garden

Today I will show you pink tuberose in my Lahore garden. Over the last decades, there has been lot of breeding effort on colored tube roses. With the botanic name “polianthes tuberosa” they are grown for their perfumed flowers in warm climates. The colored varieties are not available in Pakistan and gardeners import them from abroad. Here are few varieties of colored tube roses which are present in international market. I will also post pictures of my pink tube rose.

Yellow Baby: This one has yellow colored flowers. It is relatively stable strain and flowers well in hot climates like Lahore and peshawar. Its fragrance is not as strong as the common white one.

Sensation: Tuberose “sensation” has single petal pink flowers. You can see below pictures from my rooftop garden in Lahore. The good thing is the fragrance is almost as good as the common white ones. Color is good too. If allowed to flower in hot months like June July in Lahore then it will produce white flowers. But if it flowers in winter then it will produce pink flowers. Of course there are ways to delay the blooming of tube rose 🙂

Tuberose “sensation” from my rooftop in Lahore

Pink sapphire: It also had pink flowers but with double petals. It is not a prolific bloomer at least not for me. I have the bulbs growing for few years now but I could not get it to bloom.

Cinderella: It has purple flowers in splashes of dark pink to purple. The flowers are single petal. It rots very easily so you need to give it excellent drainage. It is a shy bloomer for me, still waiting for it to flower. It has supposedly fragrant flowers.

I hope you liked the pink tuberose in my Lahore garden. Stay tuned for more rare flowers from my garden.

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