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Aloe Vera blooms

Flowers of Aloe vera. It’s local name is Kawar Gandal. Shot in Model Town Park, Lahore. Famous for its medicinal properties, it also has culinary uses. There are many plants...

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Dombeya Magic

Let me show you today what is Dombeya Magic. Dombeya is a very beautiful winter flowering plant. It is a tree of utmost beauty. So here it goes, pictures taken...

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White cabbage Butterfly

Welcome to another edition of macro monday.. It is difficult to attract butteflies if you are growing plants in containers. But planting the right plants at right places is the...

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Gaillardia aristata

Welcome to another episode of macro monday, a weekly event hosted by Lisa.Visit her blog for more stunning macro shots. Gaillardia aristata is very tough perennial here standing in the...

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