Khizra Nursery – Haripur

This plants nursery is situated in main G.T road haripur. I bought so sought after Brugmansias from them. OMG, the flowers were so huge, almost more than my hand’s length and fragrant i was just amazed. I tried but could not find anu brugmansia from lahore. May be because its a toxic plant which usually all daturas do. I also bought Some pelargoniums from them. If any one is after burgmansias, they are definitelty worth trying.

I also plan to get seeds for Datura metel bellarina from UK for their dwarf nature and fragrant flowers all summer long. Their seeds, toxic though, are easy to germinate in lahore and it flowers first year from seed. Mine’s not starting to bloom yet but i have my fingers crossed, let see.





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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, i bought a Brugmansia from lahore but it gets attacked by spider mites very often. it has grown really big but its not flowering yet and i dont know if i should put it in the sun or the shade and its started to loose leaves aswell!!

  2. I heard they have an excellent collection of Adenium. Did you check those out?

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