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  1. Kiki says:

    Yay..I have been waiting for part two..Awesome!! Super gorgeous..what a beautiful sight.Great post!

  2. azplantlady says:


    I just love the different varieties and colors. I think the pink tones are my favorites.

  3. Fantastic flowers! Colors, textures, shapes! Wonderful!

  4. Autumn Belle says:

    Wow, so many varieties. I love the pastel coloured ones. Even the bugs are loving it!

  5. Wendy says:

    I am amazed at the different varieties of mums. It’s a shame garden centers sell the same old same old in the fall when there are so many different colors and types of mums!

  6. LeSan says:

    My goodness this was just like a spring visit! What a delightful treat to see these blooms and color combinations. The butterflies really completed the beauty of the flowers. Thank you for a wonderful refreshing post.

  7. LynnS says:

    What beautiful Mums! There is such variety at your flower show. My local nursery doesn’t offer anything as beautiful. Maybe next year I will start some of my own — the large spiders are gorgeous.

  8. MedaM says:

    This is another spectacular series of photos that I enjoyed.

  9. Abby Lanes says:

    First of all, for some silly reason, chysanthemum is one of my favorite names in the floral world. I hope to one day have a pet and give it this name. Second, all of these flowers are so showy, and I enjoy the varieties you have here. Thanks!

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