Annual Chrysanthemum Show 2014 Lahore

Annual Chrysanthemum Show 2014 Lahore will be in Lawrence gardens this year. Last year it was held in Race course park Lahore. Along with lot of chrysanthemum flowers on display and competition, you will find many gardening stalls as well from which you can buy flowers, gardening accessories, seeds, fertilizers etc.

Find below the details of the event:
Chrysanthemum Flower Show
Venue : Bagh-e-Jinnah (Lawrence gardens) Lahore – Bari dari of Lawrence Gardens
Date : 03 to 10 December 2014

Program will be as followed:
Judgement of Potted Exhibits: 03 December 2014 10:00 AM
Judgement of Residences & Gardens: 25-30th Nov 2014
Cut Flower Display and judgement: 06 Dec2014 12 PM
Prize Distribution: 06 DEC 2014 – 3 PM

Chrysanthemum flower show lahore 2014

Chrysanthemum flower show lahore 2014

Chrysathemum flowers called “Gul-e-daudi” in urdu are also called “mums” as common name. They are perennial in Lahore but treated as annual because they require some care in summer months and in monsoon. Over watering in monsoon kills these plants. Offsets/roots/child plants of Chrysathemum plants are divided in around Febraury after flowers are finished. Offsets are then replanted in pots. They get dormant in summer and start their growth in september.

Although staking is required for most of Chrysathemum plants, but recently in lahore, there has been a dwarf variety of Chrysathemum plants which do not require staking. These dwarf Chrysathemum plants bear small flowers but abundant flowers. They flower twice in a year and come in many colors and shades. Their price range from 100-400 Rs depending upon plant and pot size.

You can find coverage of previous Annual Chrysanthemum Shows in Lahore at the bottom of this post as well. I will try to post pictures of Annual Chrysanthemum Flower Show 2014 Lahore after a few days after visiting it.

Find below the location of Lawrence gardens:

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