Cineraria,crocus,dimorphotheca in my garden

I know i am late for this macro monday but never too late.

Crocus is not adaptable to lahore hot climate. I tried 3 bulbs this year but only one managed to bloom partially.

Dimorphotheca also comes in purple color but this one is just too good. They open their petals only with strong sunshine.

Calendulas come in very wide range. Very pretty blooms.


Cinararia or florist’s cinararia are my favorites. They bloom in partial shade as well and come in so many colors it is just enchanting watching them bloom for a long long period. They surely need an exclusive post on them.

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5 Responses

  1. Bernie says:

    All gorgeous shots … better late than never!

  2. ibrahim says:

    beautiful blooms!! specially the 4th one!!

  3. Kyna says:

    That last bloom is incredible! 😀

  4. You have a lot of pretty flowers like daisies – I never seen any of these before.

    There all look so beautiful!

  5. Stephanie says:

    The blooms that you have here are super gorgeous! It is so wonderful to see these beautiful flowers from you even if they are just in pictures. Thanks!

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