Layia platyglossa,iceland poppy and ranunculus flowering

In this post, i will share with you Layia platyglossa,iceland poppy and ranunculus flowering right now.

Iceland poppies are my favorite as far as delicacy is concerned. We had few rains last week and weather was just superb, chilly to be precise. This made our spring last few week more. Iceland poppies are late bloomer as compared to other poppies. These are are very heat tolerant poppies but grown in masses give a gorgeous display.

Isn’t  she loaded with pollen?

This ranunculus i grew from tubers/corms and what a wonderful display it is. There are 5 more buds coming and i will post separate on them. Ranunculus is also grown from seeds and give superior results when grown from seeds. Its seedlings are mostly raised in hilly areas and brought to lower plants in winters.

Just love the color of this seed raised dahlia.

Tidy tips (Layia platyglossa) is a popular annual here.I love the bicolor flowers. Local name is desi gendi. It has many colors and is very care free annual.

For more macro monday posts, visit Lisa’s Chaos.

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20 Responses

  1. jay says:

    That’s a great bee photo!! And I loooove the colour of the ranunculus, and the dahlia too! I particularly like the rumpled look of the dahlia petals. 🙂

  2. Manang Kim says:

    It looks like the bees will soon be very busy. That’s a lot of pollen. And it’s a great shot too!

    The petal

  3. Noelle says:

    Your photography is so beautiful. I especially love the pink color of the ranunculus. I look forward to seeing your future post.

  4. Wonderful flowers, here its all snow still….

  5. these are all beautiful- i like the bee one best, but i do really love poppies, such cool flowers. Lovely, all of them!

  6. Kala says:

    They are all lovely but the ranunculus shot is my favorite. 🙂

  7. awarewriter says:

    A lovely series of fine images. I won’t pick a favorite because they are all so good.

  8. Tammie Lee says:

    each photo is a lovely tribute to life and such a delight to see amongst our snowy winter.

  9. I also love the colors of your dahlia – so beautiful flowers – make me long so much after spring and summer 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    Those are all so beautiful! That is a spring delight!

  11. Amanda says:

    They are all so beautiful! You have a great green thumb!

  12. Hey Garden Geek! Great Macro shots the bee shot….stellar! Judging from the Tidy tips I am thinking you live in California? That is one of out local wildflowers. Don’t mean to be nosy, just love your florals and would love to know a bit more about you and your local!

  13. leavesnbloom says:

    superb photo of the bee Garden Geek! and how wonderful that dahlia seedling has turned out to be – very eye catching indeed. Btw I voted for you a few weeks ago – hope the voting is going well!

  14. Mona says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love the dahlia. And it’s great fun to see the bee covered with pollen. When spring comes the bees have a lot to do!

  15. Andree says:

    Simply gorgeous! I can’t wait till our flowers come (not for a few more months) and I can shoot them again.

  16. Kathy says:

    I keep looking at that dahlia picture. It is one for the books!

  17. @Moorebloglife – I live in pakistan and tidy tips are not native here. They are spring annuals only. But reseed themselves and come back again.

  18. Wendy says:

    THese are gorgeous blooms. I love ranunculus. Yay for macro monday!

  19. Somehow, my interest
    in flowers are never
    away from their foliage.

    Thus Frangipani, Turneras,
    Merremia quinquefolia,
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    Nice blog…until then…

  20. witchymee says:

    That is the most beautiful Dahlia I have ever seen! Your pics are outstanding.

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