Pink rain lily, lotus and ixora flowers

Here comes another garden bloggers bloom day. Thanks Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting this wonderful event every month. Today i will share with you flowers of Pink rain lily, lotus and ixora flowers.

This is pink rain lily. The botanical name is Zephyranthes grandiflora. I got more than 50 bulbs in this plastic pot. They bloom mostly in rains. But you would find blooms all year round.
pink rain lily

I just caught this bumble bee on ixora plant. There were humming birds on these flower too but only in the morning and in strong sun. They were so quick that i could not capture them. Still bees love these blooms. This picture is taken in lawrence gardens lahore.

This is pink lotus. Because i could not see the flower open due to cloudy sky, i could not be sure whether it is nelumbo or water lily
pink lotus

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19 Responses

  1. Town Mouse says:

    Beautiful! I can almost smell the fragrance.

    Happy bloom day!

  2. What a beautiful waterlily!

  3. NellJean says:

    Beautiful June blooms. It’s a great year for lilies of all kinds.

  4. lotusleaf says:

    Lovely pink flowers!

  5. What were your pink flowers in the pot? They were a lovely colour.

  6. Helen says:

    Exotic pinks. I’d also be interested in knowing the names of the plants you show.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Very pretty collection! I love your lilies!

  8. Katie says:

    I love your pinks! My bloom day is all blues today 🙂

  9. Megan says:

    Had never heard of the pink rain lily before. It’s so cute! I love the fine foliage next to the big blooms.

  10. Nicole says:

    Lovely trio of soft pinks!

  11. Sylvana says:

    You know, I got a shot of a bumblebee today on an iris and now I don’t know where it went! Great rain lilies.

  12. Autumn Belle says:

    The rain lilies are blooming well, so pretty in pink. I have never such as sweet ixora which looks like pale orange. The lotus is a beautiful cream pink. Just great for GBBD!

  13. Noelle says:

    Your Pink Rain Lilies are just beautiful. We are able to grow White Rain Lilies here in the desert.

  14. Wendy says:

    bet the pond is gorgeous this time of year!

  15. easygardener says:

    Lovely pictures. The Rain Lilies are particularly beautiful.

  16. Rosey says:

    Have you ever eaten lotus? I see it for sale at the Asian market here and I haven’t dared. It is beautiful. Love the b. bee.

  17. Kala says:

    Beautiful images of these lilies!

  18. Sunita says:

    Great collection of pinks! I’ve never seen such a soft shade of pink ixoras. Pretty!

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