Macro Monday – Zinnia magic

It was difficult to get shots for this macro monday due to intense heat here. However i managed to get a few shots. Until the weather cools down a bit when monsoon starts, plants will be in stress specially the ones on my terrace. Please do visit other blogs for more macro monday shots. Here is the link to Lisa’s beautiful chaos

zinnia flower
Not sure which butterfly it is but it was intense heat out there. Very fast moving butterfly though.
butterfly on zinnia





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13 Responses

  1. Kala says:

    What a beautifully colored flower!

  2. Jama says:

    Gorgeous flowers!

  3. AL says:

    I like the color! Gorgeous.

  4. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    The color of the zinnia is so warm and rich!


  5. EG Wow says:

    Lovely orange zinnias. Luckily zinnias LOVE the heat. 🙁

  6. Rosey says:

    Heat helps them grow big, right?
    Then I need some of that.

  7. mrsnesbitt says:

    Oh a beautiful bright flower! Awesome!

  8. Jan n Jer says:

    Great Shot…I have a few potted zinnia’s myself,they are very hardy!

  9. It’s very difficult to capture butterflies, you’ve done a great job here. There are many little critters out and about today. Great shots.

  10. Manang Kim says:

    Zinnias are really pretty and I like the bug in here too super macro shot!

    Purple blossom

  11. jay says:

    That’s a very warm colour, isn’t it! And a pretty butterfly as a bonus!

  12. Wendy says:

    I love zinnias, and a butterfly visitor is such a nice treat!

  13. What a good shot, I can never catch wildlife on camera – if only it would stay still! Your zinnias are a beautiful colour.

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