Flowers of PC Bhurban – Lobelia, hosta, fuchsia, gazania and daylily

This is the second post in the series of garden flowers of PC Bhurban, Murree hills Pakistan. You can see the previous post covering delphiniums and roses here. As always, feel free to click on the image for full view.

Today i will share with you the flowers of PC Bhurban – Lobelia, hosta, fuchsia, gazania and daylily. The first one in this post is gazania. Now this is almost a perennial in lahore which is lot hotter than bhurban. It is a very drought tolerant plant and very suitable for hottest of the places in your garden.

Then comes the fuchsia. These are not suitable for hot climates of karachi and lahore. They prefer a cooler weather or at least a temperate one. They can be grown as spring blooming annuals in our southern plains but they do not tolerate the summer heat.
fuchsia macro

Here is another view from the balcony of PC Burban.
fuchsia flower

Lobelia, another spring blooming annual in lahore but not a common sight due to the small flowers. It blooms in summer in hilly areas of bhurban and murree hills. Planted in masses, all blue color looks just exquisite. Here is the macro view
lobelia flower
Another view of lobelia flowers.

Hosta or plantain lily, grown rarely in plains at least in lahore. It is a bulbous plant famous for growing in shade. Its foliage is perhaps more pretty than its flowers and the is the main attraction.
hosta lily

There are some species which can be grown in lahore and other subtropical climates. But it is a plant not well explored here in plains. Does not come true from seed and does not flower early from seed, best propagated through division and not easily available as well.
plantain lily

Last in this post is the daylily. There are many cultivars of this beautiful and east to grow plant. If there is one bulbous plant which can well endure the heat of lahore then it is no other than daylily. In Pearl continental hotel Bhurban there are many varieties of daylily are planted. This was my personal favorite.
daylily in bhurban

The last post on the flowers of PC bhurban will take some time because there are lot of un-identified flowers in the post and i am trying hard to get their names. Meanwhile there will be a series of butterflies of Pakistan and that includes a few species i captured in murree hills and one special butterfly i saw in the garden of PC Bhurban. So the butterfly lovers, stay tuned for next few posts!!!

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15 Responses

  1. Autumn Belle says:

    So many lovely flowers today. The striking colours brighten up my day.

  2. I agree with Autumn Belle. That’s a stunning assortment of flowers.

  3. jabblog says:

    Glorious flowers – the colours are stunning.

  4. Luna Miranda says:

    what a fabulous collection! the fuchsia is gorgeous!

  5. Modern Mom says:

    Stunning flowers!

    My entry.

  6. Beautiful photographs – I love Gazanias and yours look fabulous!

  7. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    The beauty of this post just blows me away!!!

    My link is: COTTON FIELD

    Hope you find time to stop by. Have a great Monday.

  8. A beautiful collection of plants, most of them are annuals where I garden.

  9. Shirley says:

    PC Burban is a lovely fuschia! You have a beautiful variety of blooms in your garden.

    Come for a visit when you have a moment The Gardening Life.

  10. Gazanias are great for hot dry spots. Love the colours in your beautiful gazania photo.

  11. lotusleaf says:

    Beautiful flowers! The lobelias have such a heavenly colour.

  12. Andrea says:

    Wow those are very beautiful flowers in Pakistan. Your climate maybe is better than us in growing these beauties, as fuschia and those lilies only grow in our highlands, which are few. It is serendipitous that while commenting here, the TV show is a documentary of a Filipino journalist showing their experiences in Pakistan, with the landmines. They were reporting when landmines suddenly exploded getting one of their vehicles, hurting their guides, some medics and lots of people from their group. At least they are safe and came back here safe. I pity those so beautiful kids without limbs due to landmines!!! I am sorry.

  13. Sunita says:

    I’m so envious of that fuchsia! I’ve tried and tried to get them to grow for me but with no luck 🙁

  14. Oh wow! These gorgeous flowers literally take my breath away!

    So many bright colors, such fabulous designs — flowers are nature’s most glorious creations. And your photography certainly does them justice.

  15. These are very beautiful flowers in Pakistan.I have also planted some flowers in my garden and their colors are amazing.

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